Welcome to Pi Integrated Services

We are a team of seasoned Builders and Artisans backed up by equally experienced Administrators

Our objective is to reduce cost of building houses by using less expensive but quality building components made from locally available materials. We also utilize a combination of our products and conventional building materials in construction. Our start up product is brick of different sizes

Our target markets are land owners, estate developers, contractors, and property owners. Our production shall be on construction site which saves cost on logistics, and significantly minimizes wastages

Our Products


  • Our production is done on site, saving time and eliminating transportation costs.
  • Our brick making machines are simple in operation and could easily be learnt in few days. All our staff members are well trained to operate all our machines.
  • Our raw materials, laterite, is available and could be obtained from all Tipper Garage scattered all over Nigeria.

Our Brick Machine in Operation.

Our Brick Machine in production and operation. For demostration & enquiry , please contact PIS on